the week of two mondays
a film series _ 01 : 47 : 21 : 11
volume zero 

A very wealthy, deluded, married young woman makes a phone call (using a landline) to a man. Her voice projects no emotions; it seems she is not there at that moment. She is depressed and in pain; and prepared to pay for her own death.

Woman: Everything is sorted…

She pauses and lights up a cigarette.

Man: Like we discussed?
Woman: Yes.
Man: I need to double check it first.
Woman: I sent you a copy; it will be there at any moment.
Man: Anything changed?
Woman: No.
Man: Should I carry on?
Woman: Yes, proceed please.
The woman hangs up the phone and lights up another cigarette.
                  A girl comes towards the woman;
                                                                                                  she ignores the girl

A thunderstorm… an explosion, lights bursting… confused sound of shouts. A mobile phone rings; a very angry/anxious
                        voice starts a conversation.

What trick was that?
What is wrong with you...
What was that thing!!???
Man: Don’t bullshit me… I know what I saw
and I know you were there.

                                                                        A thunderstorm… an explosion,
lights bursting… confused
sound of shouts. 


The Man starts the hunt,
               looking for the girl.

NIGHT Girl: Where are you mum?
Girl: Why are you disappearing?
Girl: What is wrong… mummy?!?
The girl walks to the street... looking for help.


The girl finds a public telephone,
but is surprised by an image of her mother... she runs in dispair. A car starts to follow and catches up with her.

The man seizes the girl: a chemical smell in the air and
                                                she instantly falls   unconscious.

Another hunt; this time, he is after the woman.

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