the week of two mondays
a film series _ 01 : 47 : 21 : 11
volume zero

A very wealthy, deluded, married young woman makes

a phone
call (using a landline) to a man. Her voice projects no emotions;
it seems she is not there at that moment. She is depressed and in pain; and prepared
to pay for her own death.

            Woman: Everything is sorted…
She pauses and lights up a cigarette.

Man: Like we discussed?
Woman: Yes.
Man: I need to double check it first.
Woman: I sent you a copy; it will be there at any moment.
Man: Anything changed?
Woman: No.
Man: Should I carry on?
Woman: Yes, proceed please.

The woman hangs up the phone and lights up another cigarette.

                  A girl comes towards the woman;
                                              she ignores the girl.

Woman: I have something to do, I must go.
Girl: I want to come with you.
Woman: No!

The woman starts to walk, as in a trance, not paying attention to the girl,
      she starts to walk fast.
The girl tries to catch up with her...
the woman vanishes. Her psychic and motor functions are slower,
making her disappear both physically and mentally.
Feelings of uncertainty, bewilderment and insecurity are
quite intense; craving for the end...

                  Girl: Mummy, mummy...But no answers; there is no one there,

just the girl in the house.
The girl looks around, grabs a coat
and leaves.


A thunderstorm… an explosion, lights bursting… confused       
sound of shouts. A mobile phone rings;
a very angry/anxious

        voice starts a conversation.
What trick was that?
What is wrong with you...
What was that thing!!???

  In a very confused state of mind, almost coming from       after life, a woman mumbles
              some words.

Woman: Who is it?
Man: Is this a joke?
Woman: Please, could you explain it to me…
Man: I saw the lights! I saw it…
Woman: Which light? What is this, I am very confused.
Man: Don’t bullshit me… I know what I saw and I know you were there.
Woman: Please what is  all this about… I am sorry, who are you?
Man: This is not right, we had an agreement and the whole thing went mad
Man: But now, it’s getting worse... this is mental!!!
Woman: Could you calm down and explain what this

call is about?
Man: Alright, I’m going to tell you: a deal is a deal, no regrets... understand?
Woman: I cannot…
Man: If I can’t get the money, I’ll get the…
Woman: What do you want from me? What does it mean...  all this chat...
Man: Ma’am, you came to me, asking for a special service...
Man: that should have been completed tonight, but it didn’t go well.

                Woman: I don’t know you, I don’t know which service
you are you talking about, sorry... Man: Nothing worked! The gun, the bullets, the plan...

      Woman: This must be a misunderstanding, a mistake...
Woman: it is not clear what is going on. Man: I don’t know what are you into,
              but I’ll get my payment and it will have consequences,
                                that is said!!!

The woman
      starts to get weak, she pauses, as if about to faint.

Woman: I am not following this conversation, so please...
Man: This is going too far for me ma’am.
Woman: I have to go, I am feeling exhausted.
Woman: It is not the right time, I am baffled.
Man: I don’t work for free, the girl, your girl, is it clear now?
Woman: What is going on? Where is my girl???
Man: I think you’ll want to sort out this mess quickly
Man: Otherwise...
Woman: Otherwise?
Man: She will be far away from here, for long… understand?
Woman: No!!!

                    The mobile call is
disconnected. The woman is exhausted and confused; she starts to panic,
                  looking around, searching for the girl.


The woman knows where the girl usually goes
when she disappears. She finds her hiding in an
old doll’s house at the backyard of an abandoned
house nearby. Woman: Are you ok honey? What
happened? I was desperately looking for you…
Girl: Is it you mummy? Woman: Of course, it is me…
I am glad to have found you! Do not worry sweetie,
I will take you back home, ok? Girl: I thought I had
lost you, mummy, for a long time… Woman: Sorry
baby, I am very tired, but I am here now, can you
see? Girl: Are you feeling well mum? Woman: You
must be on your guard, something very unusual
is happening. Girl: What is happening mummy?
Woman: I do not know what is happening... it is
confusing, we must be on the alert, ok? Girl: Mum,
mum... can you hear me? Are you alright
mummy? Why are you fading away? Where are
you? Don’t leave me here, I want to come with you...

            The woman starts struggling to breathe and gets pale.
    She starts to dematerialize and dissolve gradually, leaving no trace... for the girl’s



The Man starts the hunt,
                        looking for the girl.

NIGHT Girl: Where are you mum?
Girl: Why are you disappearing?
Girl: What is wrong… mummy?!?
The girl walks to the street...
looking for help.


The girl finds a public telephone,
            but is surprised by an image of her mother... she runs in dispair.
A car starts to follow and catches up with her.  
The man seizes the girl: a chemical smell in the air and
she instantly falls unconscious.
Another hunt; this time, he is
after the woman.                                            


At the same time (of the girls’ stupor), the woman reappears and starts to run in despair.
She sees a car and goes after it; the man seizes her too.


In a hypnotic state, the woman is transported into the girl’s captivity.
Glimpses of blood, human parts, tools... and a little girl making eye contact
                                                     appears in front of her.


              The woman awakes, she is inside the boot of a car in movement, on a motorway.
         A certain strength starts to arise and it liberates her. The woman manages to escape from the boot, and as in a loop, she is in control of the car.
                She drives fast and with fierce determination.

                                                    INT. ABANDONED WAREHOUSE // NIGHT

                                                                          The woman finds herself into the girl’s captivity. She and the girl manage to escape together, running away
from the confinement.

‘Confinement’... she thinks aloud: I created this state, this condition of imprisonment,

but I can stop this movement of annihilation and destruction. The girl is very scared and does not understand what is happening... the woman hugs the girl, trying to comfort her
and at the same time envisaging a way to get out
of the trap she created for both.


The woman decides to bring the situation to an end.
She buys a gun, there is nothing in between herself and her anger.
She is ready to kill and in control, determined to set herself and the girl free from the viciousness.


In a loop, the woman starts to walk, again,
not paying attention to the girl.
the girl tries to catch up with her... the woman vanishes.

                      INT. WOMAN’S HOUSE // NIGHT

The girl is transported back
to the house.

                                The woman awakes, also in her own house.

                  Woman: Shall we go for a walk sweetie?
Girl: I am tired mum, I do not want to go
anywhere, please let me stay...

                          Woman: We are going now babe... it is time: 01:47:21:11

                                    EXT. STREET // NIGHT
The woman grabs the girl’s
                hand and starts to wander.

                    INT. WOMAN’S HOUSE //                   NIGHT   The woman and the girl walk into the void.
                                                            Confusion, blurriness; both fall into a
                                      deep sleep, quickly.

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